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Honored to be able to share some of my Pro 2 tips on the DSI site...

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XENOGRAPHY :: deconstructed

Revisiting the title track from my Xenography album. A deeper exploration of the ambiances, textures and big drum breaks...


“…an album of inspired soundscapes. Feel free to stream it first if you have any doubts. Rest assured that mere seconds into the first track, you will know that you are in capable hands.” - Ted Stahl

On my new album “Xenography” synthesizers, piano, nylon string guitar, Moog Guitar, shakuhachi and voices pure and processed, come together creating a soundtrack for travels to oblique destinations.

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Janet Robbins - I Hear Crow

In addition to my own artistic endeavors, I also help others with theirs. Along with Janet's analog 8mm video and Holga photography, I recently did digital camera work and editing for videos from her new album, I Hear Crow.

I also redesigned her website. Take a look.

New Videos

From a recording session for my album XENOGRAPHY

more videos [here]


Except for "The New Year", I recorded these piano improvisations on the Winter Solstice of 2006. I didn’t do this purposefully for the auspicious date. That year one of my sisters said she would like a recording of my piano music for Christmas, and in the holiday rush this just happened to be the date on which I was able to record it.

I’ve given a few home-burned copies of this to other relatives and friends over the years and have received great feedback on it, with a few reporting that they played it until they wore out the disc. Still, 10 years later I get the occasional inquiry about it, so I thought now may be a good time to bring it back... [read more]

In Performance

It can’t all be experimentation. Sometimes you have to get out of the lab. I’m very happy to relate that music resulting from my recent collaboration with Alina Quu was used in a performance by Lindsey Kelley Dance. The event was a huge success. Sold out both nights.

excerpt from eidetic

choreography by Janice Lancaster Larsen

LINDSEY KELLEY DANCE - performed by Amy Borskey, Lindsey Kelley Brewer, Kala Hildebrand, Alexis Miller - at the Masonic Temple, Asheville, NC March 20, 2015

music by Alina Quu and Chris Stack


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