Writing press releases, advertising copy, corporate communications and product manuals has been a part of my work for many years.  I hope to stretch out here and get a bit more creative.  The empty space is calling me.  Until then:

A selected bibliography (“blogiography”?):

[on this site]

The story of how I got from point A to point B, on the [About Page]

[on Create Digital Music]

Letting Out Ethereal Cries, a Slide Guitar Meets Synthesis in the Hands of a Bluegrass Master  [READ]

Nodal Music Making Hands-on, as Creative Compositional Worlds Meet Synth Laboratories [READ]

From a Little Droid to a Big Moog Taurus Pedal, Analog to Digital, More Experimental Sound Tips [READ]

[on Experimentalsynth]

Billy Cardine: Looking Forward, Looking Back
Moog Lap Steel powers groundbreaking EP exploring uncharted expanses of Ameritronica [READ]



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In The News

synth expert review

SYNTH EXPERT looks below the surface of The Krell Suite... [more]

Telling Your Story

content creation
Video Production : PR and Copy Writing : Graphic Design : Social Media : Web Design and Management : Audio Production : Photography
[learn more]

Waveformation – Live Internet Radio Performance

Three Haken Continuums, a fretless bass and a bunch of synthesizers... A long, liquid song cycle... Waveformation is Sally Sparks, Geary Yelton, Greg Waltzer and Chris Stack. Listen...

Xenography Reviews

In Mountain Xpress [read]

Art + Music + Technology Podcast

I was recently interviewed for Darwin Grosse's podcast series. He has some great interviews in his collection. I'm very proud to be in such good company.
[listen here]

The Bob Moog Foundation Articles

I wrote a series of articles for the Bob Moog Foundation blog, delving way back to my early days and showing the benefits of a life in electronic music.

This is a good place to find out how and why I do what I do.  [read here]

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For those of you who like real, hold-in-your-hands CD's, you can now order Xenography CDs [here]

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