Reaching Aleppo — Sally – Piano, DSI Pro 2, Haken Continuum :: Chris – DSI Pro 2, Moog Voyager, iPad

Pearl Diver — Sally – Haken Continuum, Piano :: Chris – DSI Pro 2, Moog Voyager, iPad :: Ben – Trumpet, elec. piano, Ableton

The Darkest Night Passes — Sally – DSI Pro 2, Haken Continuum

Nirodha Satya — Sally – Continuum, Voice, Piano :: Chris – iPad, Ableton

At Night We’re All The Same — Chris – Moog Guitar, Ableton

Hayabusa Terra — Sally – Haken Continuum :: Chris – oud, shakuhachi, iPad

After The Storm — Sally – Haken Continuum, Elec. Piano, DSI Pro 2 :: Chris – DSI Pro 2, Moog Voyager, iPad

Special thanks to Haken Audio, Dave Smith Instruments, Moog Music, Eventide Audio, Ableton, iConnectivity and Make Noise for making the cool stuff… and to Ben Hovey for being a badass on Pearl Diver

YONDER is a musical collaboration between Sally Sparks and Chris Stack that explores the intersection of acoustic and electronic, human expression and machine precision, new and ancient, near and far. This album is primarily a collection of pieces recorded live in the studio.

After her prog keyboardist career was overwhelmed in the late 70’s by the tidal waves of disco, punk, and new wave, Sally was lured to Europe and the shadowy world of electronic eavesdropping on the Soviet Bloc. It had some similarities to being a prog synthesist…. knobs, dials, wires and oscillators set up in strange places. But in recent years she was lured to the unlikely electronic music haven that is Asheville, North Carolina. There she found a community of sonic explorers.

Chris’ ears were opened by an early exposure to Switched-On Bach. Later he spent a decade as a printed circuit designer, with work winding up on a space shuttle, and in custom designs for Bob Moog. Playing music for belly dancers, working as marketing manager at Moog Music and as an engineering manager elsewhere in the high frequency analog electronics world all distracted from his life’s goal of finding the perfect sample & hold filter modulation patch.

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